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  • What is Satpower satellite internet?

    Satpower internet is a bi-directional high speed satellite internet service for internet access. Bi-directional means that receive and transmit functions are performed via the satellite; therefore there is no need for a telephone line.

  • What speeds can I achieve?

    The following speed is available; offering download speeds of up to 20 Mbps and upload speeds of up to 6 Mbps. (Maximum Headline rate)

  • What data Quota do you offer?

    Anything from 10GB up to 175GB per month, or unlimited packages (for pricing information please contact our sales team).

  • Are there any minimum requirements for computers?

    No. The satellite system can connect to any PC, MAC or laptop providing there is a network card installed

  • How big is the dish?

    The size of the standaard Satpower internet dish is a parabolic 72x68cm.

  • Can I play online games?

    In principle yes, but it is not recommended to play "first-person shooter" games because of the significantly longer ping times (approximately 600-800ms)


  • Can I use Skype on the Satpower internet system?

    Yes, Please note that Skype was originally designed for terrestrial ADSL connections, it is based on the P2P protocol so is not as efficient over satellite networks as some other VoIP solutions.


  • What is FAP?

    To ensure fair internet access for all satellite broadband subscribers, Tooway maintains a Fair Access Policy (FAP). This policy establishes an equitable balance in internet access for satellite broadband subscribers. Tooway assigns a throughput threshold to each service plan that limits the amount of data that may be downloaded/uploaded during a specified period. A small percentage of subscribers who exceed this limit will experience a temporary reduction of speed.


  • What happens if I exceed my Quota and go into FAP?

    There are no financial penalties for exceeding your quota it is simply a case of having your speeds 'throttled' back to 128Kbps/128Kbps. If you do happen to find yourself in that position you have the option to purchase a volume booster token of 1GB or wait for the recovery period to lapse to have your typical speeds reinstated.


  • Can I see my Quota usage?

    Yes, every customer receives his own unieke site code, with this site code you can see thru our website on the portal you live Quota usage.


  • Do I need a phone or phone line?

    No, the Satpower satellite system does not require a telephone line. It is a bi-directional satellite system therefore independent of the telephone lines.


  • Is the system Wireless?

    The internet modem itself is not wireless, however; any cable wireless router can be plugged straight into the modem to create a wireless network within your home. Please note we do supply a wireless router if you order this extra thru our order form. Whilst we do not recommend any specific brand of router, we do suggest looking for one utilizing the most up to date 802.11N standard for maximum range and efficiency.


  • Can I have a fixed public IP?

    Satpower Pro business packages include 1 fixed IP addres. Home packages use dynamically assigned IP addresses and port restrictions apply.


  • Can I run a VPN connection on my internet system?

    In theory yes, however; we recommend utilizing SSL based VPN solutions over satellite.


  • How long is the contract lenght?

    Our standard contracts on our Home User packages are 24 months. All business packages operate a 12 month contract.


  • What support and waranty comes with the Satpower internet hardware product?

    The equipment is covered by an extended 5 year full manufacturers "Return to Base" warranty; we offer this warranty by default.


  • How long are the time delays with satellite data transmissions?

    Geostationary satellites are located in orbit approximately 36,000 kilometers above the equator. A roundtrip time to a satellite for data needs about 250 msec, the 2-way protocol latency is about 600 msec including SurfBeam 2 system latency. To mitigate latency, which would impact on TCP throughput and web browsing speeds, a Performance Enhancing Proxy (PEP) and Web acceleration are integrated into the SurfBeam 2 modem.


  • What are the maximum uplink and downlink speeds?

    The Surfbeam2  terminal is able to receive at speeds up to 20 Mbps. The signal amplification allows transmission of data to the satellite by the consumer at speeds exceeding 6 Mbps according to the frequency band, the satellite, the remote antenna size and the location of the terminal.


  • How stable is the Satpower Internet system service in bad weather?

    At one time heavy rain was thought to be a potential barrier to successful deployment of Ka-band satellite systems. Indeed, the reduction of signal level was so impactful that it was difficult to guarantee a high-quality service. However, the Satpower internet system automatically responds to rain fade with uplink power control and adaptive data coding techniques (Adaptive Coding and Modulation - ACM) that overcome potential outages, while optimizing the use of satellite transponder bandwidth. This gives the internet system network higher reliability compared to other two-way consumer satellite services offered in Europe.


  • What is Ka-band and what are its advantages?

    Broadcast satellites principally operate in Ku-band frequencies that have the benefit of offering a broad geographic coverage through a single footprint. Ka-band, which is now beginning to be exploited over Europe, has other benefits:

    • More Ka-band bandwidth is allocated to each satellite by the ITU (1 GHz per orbital slot)
    • For dedicated two-way communications, spot beam technology allows extensive frequency reuse, effectively lowering the cost of the spectrum
    • The larger amount of available bandwidth supports higher transmission rates, supporting higher peak speeds for individual subscribers
    • The higher Ka-band frequencies allow smaller antennas to be employed for the subscriber equipment
    • The blanket licensing requirements for subscriber premises equipment can be more easily met with low cost subscriber terminals


  • Can I watch television on the same internet dish?

    Yes, you can receive satellite television through a television feed added on to the satellite dish. The advantage of receiving satellite television is that it does not use your internet connection.


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